Board Members

our doors. The WSMDA plays a vital role for the dealers of Washington in insuring that legislators heara collective voice from us on how legislation or proposed legislation impacts our business and the WSMDA gives us that voice."

Scott Schmidtman
Board Member WSMDA
Owner of Westside Motorsports in Spokane since 2003. Previous experience in the technology sector
as a corporate attorney and officer.

(509) 747-1862

"With competing interests constantly at play in the state legislature, it remains critically important that Washington motor sports dealers maintain their



visibility and influence through the WSMDA. I think most people would be amazed at the volume and content of anti-business or anti-motor sports bills that are proposed in the state legislature. Your support of the WSMDA ensures that your voice is heard, and that someone is watching out for your interests."
Grant Nelson
Lobbyist WSMDA
Founder,True North Public Affairs LLC, Olympia, WA since 2011

(360) 515-1316
Grant Nelson has over 22 years of legislative and regulatory experience and a solid history of advocacy, performance and winning outcomes.







Jim Boltz
President & Director of WSMDA
Lynnwood Cycle Barn, Smokey Point Cycle Barn
Started at University Honda in 1967
Opened Lynnwood Cycle Barn 1972
(425) 359-7701 (cell)

"After over 45 years in the motorsports business, I find that I still enjoy and look forward to going to the stores and engaging employees and customers.


John Jabusch
Board Member WSMDA
Pro Caliber Motorsports, Inc., Vancouver Washington, Longview Washington and Bend Oregon
17 years in the industry: Since July 1st, 1995
(360) 601-2782 (cell)

"Like so many industries, this one has changed dramatically over the last 17 years and those changes have forced all of us to change with the times or close